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About Us

To operate with professionalism, knowledge and focus, Digital Oxygen strives to employ the best possible contractors and overall strategies.  To ensure they consistently execute at the highest level, the company revisits work done on every project in an effort to avoid potentially hazardous relationships.  Should the company hear of an employee or contractor improperly representing Digital Oxygen they will intervene and determine the proper course of action; be it additional training, probation or termination.


Mr. Phillip C. Williams 11

President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Williams has attended New York Institute of Technology as a Computer Science Major who has graduated A.S.A College majoring in Management Information Systems. Mr. Williams has a working experienced over 15 years in the field of technology consultant and a project manager, implementing network infrastructures and developing programs in Java and C++ for payroll and service tracking systems.  He is also the founder of Digital Oxygen Corporation and who has contributed over $50,000 of his own money towards the start-up of the business. Prior to the startup of the Digital Oxygen Corporation Mr. Williams founded a successful Web Design Company called Webspinners Interactive Inc. in 1990. The company was dissolved to start-up Digital Oxygen Corporation in 2008.

Mr. Joseph Arahill

Product Developer Consultant

Mr. Joseph Arahill was a former President at Austin Solution Inc. and owner of Austin Solution Inc.

Dr. Benjamin John MS, PHD

Software Architect

Dr. John is the software architect consultant and sits on the advisory board for Digital Oxygen Corporation.  Dr. John has a degree in advanced analytics solutions focusing on managed health care, and data analytics solutions in support of pharmaceutical clinical trials.

Dr. Savannah Yijun Lie, MD, MS

Research Assistant

Dr. Lie Is the Research Assistant Advisory Board (Consultant).  Dr. Lie holds degrees in Masters of Science, Masters Degree of Biochemistry, and a Bachelors Degree of Doctor of Medicines. She has an excellent experienced in sole proprietorship in computer software.  Her Masters Degree of Science is in Biology, focused on Cell and Structural Biology, Biotechnology and Neurobiology. As to her working experienced she well qualified as a scientist with 7 years laboratory experienced with laboratory management. She is extremely proficient in diverse technical areas. Dr. Lie also has a familiarity with the suitability procedure patent, writing anti-cancer provision and non –provisional patent in Drug Discovery Process, and a knowledge of formulation strategies and medicinal chemistry.

Ms. Imelda C. Khan RM

Company Board of Director

Ms. Khan completed her degree as a Registered Midwife/assistant Obstetrician/Patient Care Technician.  Ms. Khan has working experienced as community health midwife, as Family Planning Coordinator, and Family Planning Counselor in the Department of Health.